GreenSilk Mulberry Leaf Extract Formula 1


California, USA

I have been a Type 1 diabetic for 53 years.  I am careful and take pretty good care of myself, and before I started taking GreenSilk, my A1c results were mostly between 6.5 and 7. In the last months, my A1c has gone down to 6.2, without any hypoglycemic incidents. It always gives me pause to start something new that might affect my insulin dosage and processing, but GreenSilk has affected my overall health and energy level without making dramatic, and frightening moves. I am terribly pleased with my experience of and the results of taking GreenSilk Formula 1. Thank you!

New York, USA

I have never experienced such balanced blood sugars since my diagnosis over 15 years ago. In the past decade I have been approached by many companies with alternative treatments and claims of spectacular results.  With GreenSilk we are getting results equal to all their claims.  I am considered both type 1/type 2 and on the pump.  I have never had any  complimentary treatment make more than a dent—I am happy to say that I have already reduced my insulin totals by 10 units and looking forward to my next A1c…anticipating very good results.  I am presently recommending GreenSilk to those with type 2 diabetes.

California, USA

I never had any broken bones or any sickness until I was diagnosed with MS in 1997.  I am not a diabetic however I spoke with my doctor after I was introduced to GreenSilk’s Green Formula 1 to add it as a daily supplement.  At the time I was taking a multivitamin that was not doing anything.  About 3 weeks after I began taking GreenSilk’s formula I found that I no longer ached after taking the injections for the MS (every other night).  In the last 4 months I have not needed to take any pain medication even on shot nights.  My level of energy has increased tremendously and I find myself making better food choices because I feel better.  I woke up this morning wheeled the trash out with no aches or pain and best of all no vicodin!

Toronto, Canada

I would highly recommend GreenSilk Formula 1 to anyone.  I have made several recommendations to my friends who have been cancer survivors as well as friends who have increased blood-sugar levels.  To date, everyone is very happy and all feel an overall benefit.  I know that it has changed my life. “I feel great with GreenSilk Formula 1.  It gives me energy to go through long active days, eat a healthy diet and keep my blood sugar balanced.  I recommend my family to take it to stay healthy”


I felt the difference after about eight days of taking GreenSilk Formula 1. My blood sugar levels had always been high and for the last year and a half my 6-month blood tests showed it was on the rise.  I was looking for natural alternative solutions. I come for regular acupuncture treatments and was recommended to take two-three capsules daily of GreenSilk Formula 1 and the change was evident in the next blood test after just a few weeks and I feel great.


I have been a Type 1 diabetic for 27 years now; and have always struggled with regulating my blood sugar. Most typical diabetes support supplements don’t work for the type of diabetes I have. I took a chance and tried GreenSilk; and to my surprise it worked! GreenSilk has helped stabilize my blood sugar levels, especially my overnight sugar levels. I recommend GreenSilk to anyone willing to take a chance for better control over their Illness.

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